Monday, August 22, 2011

Hottest electric diwheel clues at future of town transportation

The diwheel is a vehicle with two wheels on the same axle, i.e. in similar, like the back two wheels on a wheelchair, and works by mounting a cabin of sorts for a driver between them. In this case, the power source is electricity store up in a battery. Diwheels have been created before, and have of course been seen in sci-fi movies; what’s new here is the constancy control. Traditionally, the difficulty with creating a diwheel is in keeping the driver from gerbiling, a result that comes about when you think how a diwheel is constructed. If you simply attached the cab to the axle, the driver would spin approximately as the wheels turn, a truly nauseating experience to be sure. Thus diwheels are create by using a frame that allows the axle to spin independent of the rider, which works great once you’re moving at an even speed. Unluckily, though, when stopping or starting, the frame tends to ride up a bit, or trail behind causing a rocking motion for the rider, which again, would not be very enjoyable after a while. This is where the skill of the team came in; they use specially intended computer hardware and software to control the wheels and the society of the frame, which they manipulate using a joy-stick; the result is a smooth stable ride from beginning to end.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Piaggio -low-cost three-seat city

The Piaggio, Italian scooter maker, visualized the concept of NT3 in India which may hit the roads by late-2013. NT3 is a low cost three seat city car that would fight the Tata Nano and the to-be-launched Hyundai Ha – an 800cc Rs 2- 3lakh small car – and a new sub-600cc Maruti, code named YE3

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Snow removal

No one truly knows how the automobiles in prospect would be like. But they are the drawbacks of our current automobiles that give us a fair idea of what is to be done with the future cars. Technology in automobile industry is rising quite rapidly. With many surprising advances in automobile industry today, there are a few high-quality automobile future plans that make news from time to time. There shall be many automobiles that would make a few cool cars of the future.

Satellite Internet in cars - discover the future
Sync my feel cars seem to be the future cars. Its Ford’s new finding that shall have touch screen computers. These computers will be simply activated by merely feel or voice. With this new making in the field of automobile technology the passengers and the drivers would be able to contact various Internet features from the vehicle itself. There are lots of questions that surround the result of satellite internet cars. They include questions like whether it is safe or what kind of Internet link will be available for use in these cars. It’s expected that this higher automobile technology will use satellite Internet so that the users don’t have to join from one server to another while switching from one area to another all through their trip. However, the weather setting can create some problems but even that would be controlled.

Reasonable future alternative fuel vehicles
Today other fuel vehicles are estimating the drivers a lot. Things are getting costly and they should be forbidden in future. In future it is likely to be very cheap. But even after getting cheap, the option fuel vehicles would be functioning capably. In future they shall be more sensible and capable. It won’t be a fright if they are the cars of the future.

HHO cars: New cars in the group
There have been lots of cars that have been in news often. Cars successively on hydrogen are one of them. They not only offer the benefit of low running costs but are also favorable for the environment. But the problem lies with the removal of the hydrogen which happens from fossil fuels. But it’s likely that if hydrogen has to be made accepted for the future automobiles then little problems relating to hydrogen have to be obliterated. However, today hydrogen cars cost you a lot but in near prospect things are likely to witness a drastic change with the foreword of affordable hydrogen powered vehicles. There are many automobile developed companies like General Motors, Honda, Toyota that are in the race for the maker of the most popular hydrogen car.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catastrophe in Japan has poorly influenced Automobile Industry

Earthquake and Tsunami has poorly affected Japan. These two natural disasters made thousands of people dispossessed. Many victims of this Catastrophe are pain from fatal diseases. Apart from this human loss, automotive industry has also undergone a lot.

Japan’ automotive industry holds a major part of global market share. This Catastrophe has also injured automotive plants. Japan has ceased the developed of automobiles. It is estimated that it will impact the Asia and other parts of the World. Auto Analyst, George Peterson said, “The disaster will have a huge impact, and not just in Japan”

Automobile Industry
Tsunami has wrecked great amount of vehicles. This includes 1,300 Infiniti luxury cars. Almost 1,000 of Nissan vehicles have been spoiled at the port of Miyagi. Nissan, the second-largest automaker of Japan; has ceased its making in four plants. On the other hand, Honda has also planned to cover up its plants and it is expected that it will lose making of 16,600 cars and trucks along with 2,000 motorcycles and scooters. Toyota, prevalent company of Japan and World’s foremost automaker, whose big market is its home, has also ceased the production. It is estimated that Toyota will lose creation of almost 40,000 vehicles.

Few days before this Catastrophe, Toyota redefined its “Global Vision” and resolute to enhance its sales up-to 10 million. Current situation depicts that now, it will not potential for Toyota. Some analyst said that this disaster is a great chance for Korean and U.S automobile companies to capture the market split of Japanese automakers.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Manufacture Your Own Electric Car

Today many people are looking ahead to buy an electric car to save on gas money as well as reduce the release of harmful gases. Well in this scenario a new e-book has entered the marketplace; it is titled ‘Manufacture Your Own Electric Car’

The ‘Manufacture Your Own Electric Car’ e-book is written in the form of a complete guide. It offers:
• Complete step by step information on how you can convert your regular car into an electric car.
• Tips on wounding fuel costs to nearly 0.
• Tips on keeping the atmosphere clean while using an electric car.
• Also some useful information on how you can get some actually big IRS Refunds if you use an electric car.

The book is so detailed and is written so simply that anyone can easily construct an electric car. The electric car made with the information in this e-book can give a tough contest to any other electric car.

The electric car build by using the orders will not only look good but will easily travel at high speeds and will travel as far as 100 miles with a onetime accuse.

Usually you can just buy the ‘Manufacture Your Own Electric Car’ e-book at a believed price of just $19.97. However you can also buy it as a part of a ‘The Going Green Value Pack’ that will help you save a lot of money every year. the pack includes some other books like:- ‘How To Build Your Own Wind Generator’, ‘Making your own solar panels’, ‘Renewable Energy Solutions Guide’ and ‘how to make your own bio diesel’ . You can get it for 49.97

The decision
Well the ‘Manufacture Your Own Electric Car’ e-book offers tips that are absolutely worth the money spent and when you buy it with the other books it is even better. So I will say do not believe twice about buying it.